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Good T’Go – October Newsletter


An ultra marathon, the print show, hot foiling, a new advanced finisher, a new graphic designer, a larger studio, new studio wallpaper – it’s been a busy couple of months!

October usually offers some ‘breathing space’ in the design studio while everybody jets off chasing the sunshine. This October however couldn’t have been any more different.

As many will know, we have been a graphic designer down for the last few weeks. Due to annual leave however, it has been a total of 6 weeks without a full team. Add into the mix that we have had a record month of in-house production and overall sales, we have had a very very busy time.

A few jobs, mainly websites, have experienced very slight delays during this period. It’s back up to full speed this week with a full team.

The Ultra Marathon

This year Liz and I undertook a challenge of running. We completed numerous half marathons, a marathon and then we completed our first (and for two days afterwards we said LAST) Ultra-Trail-Marathon – thats 55KM!!

This might seem strange to add into the mix of a business news post but it has played a very important part in our future plans.

Many people choose to run to switch off from work or stresses but for myself, throughout the pounding of the pavements during many training runs, I found myself consistently thinking about the business development. Running offered a break from the panic of ensuring jobs are leaving the studio on-time and instead offered a little bit of ‘blue-sky-time’ and make some plans for the future of T’Go Creative.

A few of the ideas have made it into the studio already!


The Print Show 2017

As a young evolving company, we need, and want, to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques. Too many design studios and printers have refused to diversify. We want to stay ahead of the game and always deliver the best service and quality to our clients, but also be able to offer something different when required.

The entire print industry is amazingly innovative and incredibly fast moving. We don’t, as a business, promote very well the incredible innovative array of exciting opportunities that can be gained from print – we don’t do enough to tell our clients of the new, clever and increasingly affordable options available to them.

At T’Go Creative we have made it our goal for 2018, and ongoing, to make our customers aware of the wide array of options available to help promote their business.

As such we visited The Print Show in Telford in October . . . and we later returned North slightly lighter in the pockets.

From Near Field Communication (NFC) technology integrated into paper and stickers (an idea that we have already passed onto one of our clients), to specialised vinyl for 3 second presses onto T-Shirts, the Print Show gave us a huge amount of ideas that we want to pass onto our customers.

We have introduced a few new pieces of equipment that our customers, existing and new, are going to love!

Hot Shiny Foiling

Spot UV and Foiling has always been reserved for higher end brands or speciality products. The higher production cost has put it out-of-reach of the smaller business or short run digital market.

New technology and developments has resulted in more affordable kit and simpler processes that creates an incredible end product without the previously huge associated costs.

And So . . . we are delighted to announce the arrival of foiling and Spot-UV at T’Go Creative! We can now produce foiling In-House with fast turnaround times and very affordable products.

This process is suited perfectly to wedding stationery, invitations, business cards, short run promotional leaflets and booklets, security prints, tickets and bespoke print. For the first time this can be created in-House in Perth by a local company you can trust.

The very first job this appeared on was business cards for the recently opened Holland Cooper in Edinburgh – and they look stunning.

Pricing will be realised shortly and please do follow us online to keep-up with our internal experiments and clients foil work.

Advanced Finishing

One of the bottlenecks we have always had in the business has been the finishing. With so many jobs in production we have always had a build-up of jobs requiring guillotined, scored, folded, or stitched.

The finishing is always carried out by one of the team but in a fast-paced studio environment it is inevitable that there will be 6-10 jobs awaiting finishing every day.

We turned to Duplo, one of the industry leaders in printing finishing equipment, to provide a solution in the shape of a professional automatic slitter, cutter and creasing machine. This machine is truly incredible and will instantly provide a fix for the finishing bottleneck issue.

The machine was installed today (17th November) and I cannot wait to start using it. It opens up many new markets while decreasing finishing turnaround times dramatically.

This new cutter combined with our new foiling machine also allows us to offer bespoke foiled wedding stationery (you know the type everybody loves on Pinterest), at an incredibly affordable cost.

Larger Studio

Looking at the continual increase in business, and combining this with future projections, we concluded that we needed to increase the studio space. When the office next to us was vacated we snapped it up at early in the year. When one of the other offices emptied, we snapped that one up too!

We now have a store room for the huge amount of papers, boards and signage material we keep in-stock. This has also increased space in the print room, which allows us to now offer the foiling and advanced finishing.

Most importantly however the design studio now has space to accommodate up to 6 (or more) designers. And we aim to fill these positions as we grow.

New Studio Wallpaper

Today we are delighted to show off our new wallpaper. It’s something not many people know can be produced, far less something that we can produce in-house, to an incredible quality.

The forest image is printed in-house onto an ultra-smooth, high-quality, paste-the-wall, wallpaper that is dry as it comes off the machine. It was printed in 5 strips and the expertly fitted by Philip and his dad from Crighton and Son painters and decorators. They have become experts in fitting our bespoke printed papers and are our approved installers for the product.

For more more information on bespoke wallpaper please visit our sister site at

!!New Graphic Designer!!

One of the well-known faces of our team has moved on. Graham joined us when the studio was based at my home and he played an important part of the artwork and finishing processes.  Graham has moved back to Glasgow and we wish him all the best for the future.

We are delighted to announce that we had a fresh new face join our expanding team on Monday 20th November!

Find out how Ollie enjoyed his first week in the studio, from the man himself, in next weeks blog post.


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