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Ollie’s First Week at T’Go Creative


Heading to the studio for 8.45am I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I was greeted by Gary at the door who instantly welcomed me in and introduced me to Shona. They were both already busy and the whole studio felt like it was in full swing. Unfortunately, I hadn’t prepared for the commute and had shown up soaking from the rain. As soon as I had dried off, I got a run through of the studio space along with an introduction to the Nespresso machine. Dolce Gusto Grande certainly proved to be the winner that morning!

Very quickly I was set up at my new desk and rearing to go and Gary sent through my first task. 7 roller banners and 16 posters. Ooft. Didn’t see that coming! Fortunately Shona had done a lot of the groundwork on a previous project which meant adjusting into the fast flow of things didn’t take too long. I say adjusting, but I think to begin with it was more coping haha!

Personally, I absolutely love branding and it wasn’t long (2 hours or so) before I had been given my first logo to work on. Creating logos and developing brands are a real passion so I’m very excited about being part of the early stages of a new business starting in Perth. Safe to say this is my comfort zone to an extent and gradually the job list was increasing. This was all a bit daunting but really exciting at the same time. I find you can get a real buzz about being busy working on a whole range of different projects. By the afternoon I was well into a few projects which was great. I did however ensure we had a ‘Brownie Break’ to take advantage of the chocolate and raspberry brownies I made in for the team. Fortunately, they are all chocolate lovers!

Day two went just as quickly as day one. I got to meet the rest of the team (Pat and Liz) so I was now fully acquainted with everyone. By day 3 I had expanded my knowledge of bees and the various varieties we can expect to find in the UK (every day is a learning day) all thanks the PKAVS and the Walled Garden. I also had my first chat with a client for the logo I was working on. Something I have really enjoyed is how open the studio is to clients. There seems to be someone coming in most days for a catch up, to collect prints or talk about a new project. This really makes for a more personable experience with people and also gives them the opportunity to know who we are and how we work.

Joining the team at such a busy time has been great. I’ve been able to take look and get involved with at a lot of the processes which has been a real eye opener. Being able to offer great design services and back them up with great quality print and finishing makes it possible to see a project through from the very start to the end. My experience is mainly digital so I’ve certainly got a lot to learn for the printing we can offer and some of the new toys as well (a delightful foiling machine for all the sparkly and shiny goodness).

As the week grew to a close, I was quite content with the work I was making and for the first time in a long time I have been able to learn new skills and techniques from my colleagues. I know it’s going to get busier which is certainly a challenge I am looking forward to. It’s an exciting time here with lots of great work being produced and it’s a pleasure to see so many happy faces when they receive their finished product.

Here’s to a busy and successful festive period and a very relaxing new year!

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