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3 New Employee’s at T’Go Creative



What a day for T’Go Creative Limited – We have had three new employees join us . . . . for one day only!

The Notorious RGB will be introducing his Hip (and Hop) imagination on clients jobs. He will also spend some time in the finishing department ‘rapping’ the completed jobs.

We also have some new blood in the shadow of resident vampire ‘Countess Shona of the Shire‘. She made it out of her coffin. She will be ensuring all jobs don’t meet a dead end. She’s also batty about jobs seeing the sunlight and being completed on-time..

Heading up the whole design team is Sheriff Typeface the Gun-Slinger of T’Go. The Sheriff will be making sure all evil fonts including Cassidy the Comic (Sans) and Houston Helvetica are kept behind bars.

Happy Halloween!

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